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Stretch Marks

Those "tiger stripes' have their story, but sometimes they tell it too clearly. You can usually find them in areas of your body that tend to stretch more (midsection parts, near the joints). They emerge from the rupturing of the collagen and elastin that supports our skin. And although they are permanent and hardly have no cure, they can be minimised or camouflaged. Here at SkinShop, we offer products that can soften and diminish the appearance of stretch marks so you can find one that perfectly fits your skincare regime based also on your skin type, concern, and budget.
  • YonKa Paris Yonka Paris | Creme 55 - SkinShop
    YonKa Paris Yonka Paris | Creme 55 - SkinShop
    YonKa Paris

    Creme 55


    Highlights Features ivy and YonKa quintessence Anti-water retention care for legs Helps prevent stretch marks Relieves tired legs Paraben-free ...

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