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Image Skincare Information

IMAGE Skincare

IMAGE Skincare is a clinical skincare brand powered by proven ingredients and smart botanicals. IMAGE Skincare pioneered clean clinical skincare™, with naturally effective, mindful formulas that deliver real results.

IMAGE Skincare products are physician formulated and tried, true and tested by a team of professionals to help you feel the most confident in your skincare—and your skin.  


Image Skincare brand has created a series of colour-coded products designed with a variety of skin conditions in mind - all of which can be purchased on

We offer the full range of Image Skincare products, including Image Ormedic, Vital C, Iluma, Image Prevent, The Max and Ageless products. Not only this, but when you sign up to the SkinShop Newsletter, we’ll give you 10% off your first order, and you’ll be the first to hear of future promotions and offers.


Why choose Image Skincare?

Image is a clinical skincare brand, powered by safe, proven ingredients and smart botanicals – for your healthiest skin, ever. Image cut out what your skin doesn’t need, they source everything with intention, and don’t test on animals. The brand is incredibly high quality, affordable, and it’s of a pharmaceutical grade. The Image program is simple; Cleanse, Anti Age, Protect and Repair.


Image Skincare’s Best Sellers

There are many Image Skincare products to choose from, varying from solutions suited to young skin, to those designed for sensitive and mature skin. All items are packed with smart botanicals, essential oils, and a range of other skin-loving ingredients to achieve clean clinical skincare. In addition to promising great results, all skincare solutions are paraben-free.


Vital C

One of the most renowned items to feature in the Vital C hydrating line is the Vital C hydrating facial cleanser. This comes highly rated by many customers, especially those wishing to achieve that post facial glow. Available over-the-counter, this cleanser only treats the surface layer of the skin, which makes it a perfect product for those with sensitive skin.

The Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser comes in the form of a super creamy, skin-drenching cleanser that promises to wipe make-up away in an instant. The results? Smoother more hydrated radiant looking skin with a glow.


The Vital C hydrating facial range is suited to a wide range of skin types - including those with sensitive or sun-damaged skin, and those who suffer from eczema.


These best-sellers are a must-have for skin that needs a quick pick-me-up and they are gentle enough to be used after peel or operative treatments.


Why use Vital C products?

  • Suitable for use on both face and body
  • Perfect as part of your make-up removal routine
  • Gives thirsty skin some much-needed hydration
  • Packed with essential vitamins
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Can be used on sensitive skin even after shaving



The Image Skincare Ormedic line is a synthesis of the purest organic ingredients combined with medical effectiveness to achieve maximum clinically proven results. The philosophy of ORMEDIC is to restore skins health by integrating highly potent anti-oxidants with organic ingredients without the use of chemicals, acids or parabens. It is designed for all skin types, including post-treatment skin and irritated skin injured by aggressive treatment regimes as well as post-operative wound healing phases.


The Image Skincare Ormedic range is described as the ultimate balancing act - a combination of smart botanicals backed by science.

Some products included in this range are balancing anti-oxidant serum, a bio-peptide crème, an eye-lift gel, and a facial cleanser. Other best sellers from the line include a gel mask, an exfoliating lime pearl polisher, and a lip-enhancement complex treatment in natural and sheer pink - perfect for lips that require some much-needed attention.

One of the latest formulas to hit the Ormedic line is the bio-peptide repair crème, which promises to balance and boost moisture. Packed with hyaluronic acid, botanical butters, and essential oils, it’s a must-buy for anyone suffering from lacklustre skin.

Boasting an innovative highlighter effect, this peptide crème injects skin with a new lease of life whilst balancing problem areas caused by pollution and too much time spent in the sunshine.

This comprehensive solution is a must-have in the make-up bags of those who long to achieve a dewy, healthy-looking complexion. The multitude of smart botanicals packed into this tub of glory offer a delicate citrus scent, that will stay with you all day long.

To apply, add a little of the velvety crème to your fingertips and massage into the skin.

Prevention + SPF

The Image Skincare Prevention + collection is formulated by skincare professionals and boasts a series of formulas that promise to protect, moisturise, and defend against environmental factors.

The award-winning Prevention+ daily matte moisturizer SPF 32+ is one of the most renowned products in this line and comes in the shape of an oil-free sunscreen with a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB.

This is a great product for those with acne-prone, oily skin, due to its mattifying, flawless finish. Packed with antioxidants, this product works like a primer - making it an ideal every-day make-up base and another must-have for your makeup bag.

Image Skincare Ingredients

Created by skincare professionals, Image Skincare pride themselves on using clean, effective ingredients, derived from nature and backed by science.

Each product is expertly formulated, and all ingredients are chosen with care. You won’t find any parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, synthetic dies, or artificial fragrances in any of the Image Skincare line or oxybenzone in the Sun-Care line.

Product content is constantly updated to ensure all skincare formulas remain at the forefront of science. This ensures a quality customer experience at all times and provides solutions that promise results.

All ingredients are carefully sourced, with several product favourites boasting a menu of raw materials derived from clean origins, whether clinical or natural.

To ensure customer safety, each Image Skincare product is clinically tested.

This rigorous process comprises safety assessments, stability evaluations and in-depth reviews from a panel of skincare professionals. Every Image Skincare customer can rest assured they are buying skincare solutions that meet quality and safety standards.

How To Find The Right Image Products For Your Skin

When it comes to picking the right skincare, Image offers a range of options that aim to care for all possible skin types.

Remember, it’s important to analyse your face, lips and body before investing in a particular collection from the Image Skincare range.

Other factors to take into consideration include your age and lifestyle.

For example, if you spend a lot of time outdoors, or you smoke, the Vital C Hydrating collection is the perfect choice for your lifestyle. It promises to enhance a tired appearance by injecting an instant surge of moisture into dehydrated, sun-damaged skin.



What is Image Skincare?

Designed by skincare professionals for skincare professionals, Image Skincare is the go-to brand for estheticians. It's ideal for those looking to invest in products that prioritise results over trends and science over fads. Having won countless awards and an array of top reviews, Image Skincare is enjoyed by more than 20,000 skincare devotees in an astounding 60 jurisdictions. The brand pride themselves on using hand-picked ingredients that work with the times, as well as the lifestyles of many consumers. Adopting smart botanicals, clear cell essentials, and state-of-the-art technology, they’ve created a collection of clinical clean skincare solutions perfectly suited to every situation, pore, cell, and skin condition.

What is the best Image Skincare product?

Like many skincare brands, Image customers all have their favourite products. However, something that works for you may not work for others. To ensure you pick the right product, it’s important to learn more about your skin! You can do this by visiting a skin clinic.

What are the ingredients in Image Skincare products?

The brand uses a range of smart botanicals and essential oils along with clinical ingredients. All ingredients are derived from nature and backed by science - and no product contains any unwanted ingredients. The exact ingredients vary per product. For example, the Clear Cell Gel Cleanser boasts a variety of excellent ingredients, with the three most important being salicylic acid, arnica montana and horse chestnut. On the other hand, the Deluxe Vital C hydrating anti-ageing serum contains multi-vitamin C complex, palmitoyl oligopeptide, hyaluronic acid, and green tea extract. When visiting our online shop, be sure to review the ingredient lists before making a purchase, choosing solutions packed with vitamins, smart botanicals and essential oils that you know your skin will adore. To learn more about your skin, and what your complexion requires, you can always visit a skin clinic before buying from our online shop.

Can Image Skincare reverse skin damage?

Whether your skin is marked by acne, redness, sun damage, or ageing, the Skincare Image collection promises to help tackle a wide range of concerns. Their effective age-defying solutions are committed to reversing and preventing skin damage. The result? Skin that looks more refined, radiant and healthy! How? By using only the finest ingredients and the latest technology.

Are Image Skincare products paraben free?

Image Skincare is dedicated to providing safe and effective products without the use of controversial preservatives such as parabens.

Are Image Skincare products safe to use during pregnancy?

We recommend speaking with your healthcare professional to determine if you should use any of our products while pregnant.

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